Is Outsourcing Your Payroll Worth It in NZ?

Managing payroll efficiently is an essential part of running a successful business, yet payroll can be complex and time-consuming.  New Zealand businesses employ over 2.4 million employees across around 562,500 businesses. 56% of these businesses have no employees, 23% have < 4 employees, 16% have 1-19 employees and 5% 20 – 199 employees. The reminder […]

Public Holidays & Payroll

Confusion over public holiday payment rates'

There’s a lot of confusion among both employers and employees regarding applicable wage payments over public holidays, such as Christmas, New Year and Easter.  To help clarify matters, here’s an example based on Christmas. Joe works full-time and normally works Monday to Friday. This year (2021), 25 December fell on a Saturday which is not a normal […]