Outsource your payroll headaches!

Make payroll easy by outsourcing it to the team at MindYourPayroll. NZ specialists in Ace, IMS, Exo and MYOB payroll services.

The Reasons For Outsourcing Your Payroll

  • Are you a NZ employer with 10 – 600 staff AND use an MYOB payroll system?
  • Is your payroll becoming a headache with inaccuracies and errors?
  • Does your payroll person take leave or extended leave and then you have the stress of no one to process the pays?
  • Are you concerned about the privacy issue surrounding your payroll?

Answer ‘yes’ to one or more of these questions, then talk to us to discuss your options.

We start by giving your payroll a Warrant of Fitness so it has a clean bill of health. Then we run your payroll using your MYOB payroll software. It will be done efficiently, accurately, and confidentially.

With over 50 pieces of legislation around payroll you can’t afford to get it wrong!

We are MYOB Payroll experts with 20 years’ experience and look forward to Minding Your Payroll.

Why use MindYourPayroll and not another payroll provider?

Because moving payroll software is a big headache, costing both money and time. Engage us and we will run your payroll using the software you already own.


ACE Payroll

Ace Payroll

MYOB Ace Payroll is New Zealand’s favourite payroll program. It is fun to use includes lots of helpful notes to process the payroll. Even so, errors can and do happen. If you have no in-house ACE payroll expert who is also up to date on current payroll legislation, then we can run ACE for you.

IMS Payroll

MYOB IMS payroll is packed with features and add-ons. It is designed for the small and large employer. We can run your pays and offer you and your employees online timesheets, leave management and payslips.

IMS payroll

Exo Payroll

MYOB EXO payroll is built for the medium to large employer. It comes with a number of add-ons from online timesheets, online leave management, health & safety and HR functionality. To run this payroll you need software expertise and knowledge of payroll legislation. We can do this for you.

MYOB Payroll

This payroll is designed for the smaller employer (<20 employees). It is relatively easy to use however your pay person requires a good understanding of the Holiday Pay Act plus must be trained in the payroll software itself. If you don’t have that person contact us.

MYOB payroll

The people behind MindYourPayroll

Lynley Photo

The owners of MindYourPayroll are Debbie Vihi and Lynley Averis. Both are Certified MYOB Consultants with many years experience helping businesses just like yours succeed

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Debbie: 027 498 9551

Lynley: 021 360 821