Outsource your payroll headaches!

We help you detach yourself from the payroll process so you have less stress, and more time for your business.

Reduce your payroll stress and anxiety

Free up your time to concentrate on other tasks

Enjoy accurate and compliant payroll processing

Employing staff and running payroll can be complex and stressful

With over 50 pieces of legislation around payroll there are a lot of grey areas and you can’t afford to get it wrong!

  • Is your payroll becoming a headache with inaccuracies and errors?
  • Do you stress about who will run payroll when your payroll person takes leave?
  • Are you lacking the time or knowledge to run payroll confidently and correctly?

Take the stress & pain out of payroll with Mind Your Payroll

Detach yourself from payroll

Make your life easier, and less stressful by handing over the responsibility of payroll, so you can focus on other areas of your job.

Protection from litigation and MBIE audits

You’ll rest easier at night knowing that the trust between you and your employees is protected, and there won’t be any unexpected visits from labour inspectors.

No more support tickets, speak to a real person

Accessible support when you need it - you’ll receive troubleshooting, training, and problem solving and day-to-day assistance with a personal touch.

Save time and money by using the software you already own

Engage with Mind Your Payroll and your payroll will be run using the software you already own - you won’t be compelled to change!

How much could you strengthen your payroll processes?

Our payroll Warrant of Fitness completes a Health Check on your Payroll processes and software set up. By highlighting weaknesses in your payroll processes you can identify areas to change, strengthen, or get further assistance with. 

The best decision we've ever made

Dan O'Connor 

Managing Director

The Look

Moving from doing in-house payroll to Mind Your Payroll earlier this year has been the best decision we've ever made.

They're a great team to work with and now we have more time to spend on generating sales in our own business!

Outsourcing payroll has taken a load off my mind...

Megan Watkins

Office Manager

Harbourside Homes

We've had our payroll processed by Mind your Payroll since 2017. Outsourcing payroll has taken a load off my mind and gives a degree of separation between me and my staff.

The ladies in the office have been great to deal with. They have given me great support, always there to help and very much appreciated!

Your MYOB Payroll Specialists

Certified MYOB Consultant

Debbie Vihi

Certified MYOB Consultant

Lynley Averis

Hi, we’re Debbie Vihi and Lynley Averis, the owners of Mind Your Payroll. We are both Certified MYOB Consultants with 40 years collective experience helping businesses just like yours succeed.

We understand the demanding job that payroll administrators and business owners have and how difficult and stressful it can be employing staff and running payroll. That’s why for over 20 years we’ve worked closely with our clients providing payroll processing, software consulting and training to help ease the stress of their jobs, and lives.

You don’t have to have a high level of understanding of the various acts affecting payroll, we take the responsibility of ensuring your payroll is processed correctly, compliantly, and on time.

We keep up to date with legislation and the latest trends in software to ensure you are protected and getting the most out of your software. We are NZ specialists in Ace, IMS, Exo and MYOB payroll services so there’s no need to move software.

Schedule a call to find out how we can help your business succeed.

We would recommend them to other non-for-profits & charities

John Nilsen 

Finance and IT Manager
Youthline Auckland

Mind your Payroll have been our payroll providers since 2016. We enjoy a good working relationship and their services have helped streamline our processes.

Payroll was taking us 2 days to prepare and process before Mind Your Payroll came onboard. Now we can turn pays around within a day. We would recommend them to other non-for-profits & charities.

Our payroll is delivered on time and compliant with the legislation

Karyn Gaudin

Business manager
Mt Roskill Grammar School

Being a primary, secondary and day care has its challenges when it comes to payroll. Schools have unique salary arrangement’s such as annualised salaries which makes payroll more complex.

Mind Your Payroll willingly took our payroll on at short notice during the lockdown. They have managed the conversion and the idiosyncrasies and ensured that our payroll is delivered on time and compliant with the legislation.

Ready to outsource your payroll headaches?

Here’s how it works.

step 1

Book an Appointment

We meet with you to get to know you and understand your business and payroll requirements.

step 2

Payroll Health Check (WoF)

We start by giving your payroll a Warrant of Fitness so it has a clean bill of health.

step 3

Transfer Payroll

We create a plan for how and when we will transfer your payroll to our Mind Your Payroll platform, and then implement it.

step 4

Process Payroll

When you choose Mind Your Payroll, your payroll is run using the software you already own. It will be done efficiently, accurately, and confidentially, at the agreed frequency.

step 5


We train you in how to use our systems and get the most out of your software.

Still not sure if outsourcing your payroll is right for you?

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