Employing staff and running payroll can be complex and stressful

With over 50 pieces of legislation around payroll there are a lot of grey areas and you can’t afford to get it wrong!

  • Is your payroll becoming a headache with inaccuracies and errors?
  • Do you stress about who will run payroll when your payroll person takes leave
  • Are you lacking the time or knowledge to run payroll confidently and correctly?

Take the stress & pain out of payroll with Mind Your Payroll

We’re here to make your pay days headache free. Our objective is to process your pay accurately, on time, every time with minimal fuss and bother using a payroll system.

Payroll in NZ is complex with over 50 acts of parliament including the infamous Holiday Pay Act 2003. It’s our job to understand the legislation and ensure your pay is processed according to the law.

No payroll is too large or too small. We work with anything from transport companies to schools to aged care facilities. Some of our payrolls are less than 5 employees. Other payrolls have over 1,000 employees.

Detach yourself from payroll

Make your life easier, and less stressful by handing over the responsibility of payroll, so you can focus on other areas of your job.

Protection from litigation and MBIE audits

You’ll rest easier at night knowing that the trust between you and your employees is protected, and there won’t be any unexpected visits from labour inspectors.

No more support tickets, speak to a real person

Accessible support when you need it - you’ll receive troubleshooting, training, and problem solving and day-to-day assistance with a personal touch.

Save time and money by using the software you already own

Engage with Mind Your Payroll and your payroll will be run using the software you already own - you won’t be compelled to change!

Why trust us to process your pay?

  • We process pays all day every day. We’re payroll experts.
  • You’re detached from paying your staff. We’re the buffer, the 3rd party.
  • Protection from litigation and MBIE audits as we know employment legislation & how to deal with in within payroll.
  • You’ll deal with real people & the same people every time.
  • You can use your own payroll software or ours (whichever is more cost effective).
  • Your payroll file can be cloud enabled allowed both parties to access.
  • Your accounts administrator can leave but we don’t. Your dependency on an individual is reduced.
  • It saves you time & money training up a new accounts administrator to run payroll

not sure if outsourcing your payroll is right for you?

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Moving from doing in-house payroll to Mind Your Payroll has been the best decision we've ever made. They're a great team to work with and now we have more time to spend on generating sales in our own business!

Dan O'Connor 

/ Managing Director, The Look Staging & Design

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