Get Payroll Training From Payroll Experts

20+ years

We process over 60 payrolls every week/fortnight & have therefore encountered every situation. Our knowledge includes accounting, employment relations, IT and human resource management.

We provide beginners to advanced payroll learning based on current legislation, but your training will be tailored specifically to your needs.

How we go about payroll training:


Discuss your needs such as new user training, payroll processing, payroll legislation knowledge, termination of a pay, setting up payments and deductions.


Determine which software you use. We train on the following systems -
IMS Payroll & Express,
EXO Payroll,
MYOB Business Payroll,
MYOB Payroll,
ACE Payroll, and


Arrange place of training.

We can provide one-on-one
training at our office or your office, or Online with you via TeamViewer or MS Teams


Training sessions on
Wednesday, Thursday or Friday are preferred


Training notes and procedures may be provided during or after the session. Should you want us to document your procedures or gather procedures for your business, this will be done after the session and take extra time.

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